Useful Visa Facts for Kids

visa facts for kids

Today thousands of people travel with their kids. It is awesome, that parents want to show their children new countries all over the world. But they should remember that it is also a great responsibility. Parents should care about everything, including different tax issues. For getting more detailed information, contact U.S. Canada tax accountant. Keep on reading and you will learn more useful facts about a visa for kids.

Important Visa Facts You Need to Know

o   Going abroad, the most important thing to have is your passport. It is an official document, which proves your identity. In addition, for some people, who live in particular countries, it is necessary to have a world travel visa. It is a stamp in your travel documents, which allows you to pass the border of a particular country.

o   It is well known, that the process of applying for a visa is rather tiring and long-lasting. There are so many different rules and nuances. It is interesting that you may have your visa rejected if you have recently visited some «unfriendly countries».

If you are going to visit China, it is better not to have a stamp from Tibet in your travel passport. The same we can say about some Arab countries and Israel.

o   If want to travel with kids you should know that there are more than 20 visa types. It depends on the country you are going to visit.

Useful Fun Facts about Visas

o   For some countries, which belong to the European Union, there is a special «Schengen visa programme». The citizens of 26 countries may visit any European country, using a Schengen visa.

o   The citizens of America and Great Britain may visit more than 174 countries, without applying for visas. It means that their passports are the most powerful all over the world.

o   Most Americans have never been abroad. It doesn’t mean that they do not like to travel. Usually, they do it inside their country, as America is one of the largest countries in the world.

o   In most countries, children must have their own passports for traveling. Some years ago, they could be signed into their parents’ passports. It is also important to renew their passports in time. The validity of a passport depends on the rules of a particular country.

o   Besides America, the most visited countries are those of the European Union. More than 15 million people apply for Schengen visas every year.


Visiting other countries, you need to know some rules and requirements. If you are well-informed and aware of some visa for kids fun facts, the process of applying for visas will not be so exhausted for you.