Top Five Light Bulbs for Your Garden

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For an annual profusion of color, there are no beating bulbs. We highlight the winter and summer winners, as well as lilies for sheer splendor.

Even novice gardeners soon learn that no flower is more rewarding than the bulbous variety. Most need very little maintenance to produce prolific blooms, year after year. And with nearly 200 bulbous plant species in South Africa alone, you’re sure to find the perfect flower for your garden – and your vase. And the odor of flowers can not disrupt your sleep despite the fact you take REMVITAL or something else or not. We asked bulb specialists Hadeco to list the five top-selling bulbs for winter, summer and indigenous gardens – as well as the top five true lilies.

Top 5 Winter

1 Ranunculus

With tissue-like petals in an array of colors, this popular winter-flowering plant has beauty as romantic as roses or peonies.

2 Daffodils

Symbolizing friendship, rebirth, and new beginnings, the natural daffodil is golden-yellow all over, while the trumpet may often appear in a contrasting color.

3 Freesias

The symbol of innocence, freesias are one of the most fragrant flowers and a favorite with florists. Grow them in pots on your patio where you can best appreciate both the blooms and fragrance.

4 Dutch Iris

Easy to grow, the ever-popular iris makes a great display in both the garden and the vase.

5 Hyacinth

The hyacinth – which Kate Middleton carried in her bouquet at the Royal  Wedding – is said to represent constancy,  while blue hyacinth expresses sincerity.  Prized for their heady fragrance and intense colors, the bulbs are also easy to force into bloom indoors.

Top 5 Summer

1 Arum lilies (Zantedeschia)

Now available in a variety of colors, indigenous arums have been a firm favorite for generations.

2 Amaryllis  (Hippeastrum)

South Africa is internationally known for growing the best amaryllis in the world – although the only true Amaryllis is Amaryllis belladonna. Most people pot theirs up, although they can also be grown in the garden with great success.

3 Dahlias Part

Of daisy family, dahlias are infinitely more dramatic and spectacular with their massive flowerheads on long stalks making for a striking landscaping or floral arrangement.

4 Gladioli

A firm favorite in bouquets and flower arrangements, glads are named after the Latin word for sword and symbolize the strength of character.

5 The tiger flower (Tigridia)

Grown by the Aztecs who ate the edible roots, the large flamboyant flowers open in succession over several weeks, with each bloom lasting just a day and then replaced with fresh blooms the next.

Top 5 Liliums

1 Easter lily. ( Lilium longiflorum  ‘Snow Queen’) Regarded as a symbol of beauty, purity, hope, and life – and often confused with the similar-looking St Joseph’s lily ( Lilium formosanum) – Easter lilies have a heavenly evening scent.

2 Asiatic lilies

Breathtakingly beautiful, these huge open-faced blooms are sweetly scented and floriferous – perfect for anything from large landscaped gardens to courtyard pots.

3 Oriental lilies

Also richly scented, oriental lilies are prized as both cut flowers and as garden perennials.

4 LA Hybrids  (Lilium as forum)

This incredibly beautiful cross between Asiatic and Easter lilies are long-lived, hardy and vigorous growers.

5 Dwarf Asian lilies (Lilium Pixie)

These unique miniature Asiatic lilies were originally bred for containers, but they’re adaptable enough to make the most of your borders, too.

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