One room and Three Interior Possibilities

Interior Possibilities

See how you can make a room with a sofa, two side tables, beech wood table,  coffee table, and a TV work in more ways than one.

From the TV room to guest room

Have your TV room ready to double up as a cozy and inviting guest room at a moment’s notice.  

Here’s how:

Hide an awkward wall by placing the TV set or entertainment unit in front of it.

Position the sofa to face the TV.

If your sofa is too uncomfortable to snuggle up on, invest in a sofa bed; it provides both ample seating and a comfortable bed.

Place the side tables on either side of the sofa so that they can be used as bedside tables; make sure they’re large enough for a bedside lamp and a book.

Warm up the room with a shaggy rug in an accent color that will help it add more depth – and a relaxed, informal look – to the room.

Bring in a coffee table that’s easy to move around when you need to change the layout of the room.

A folding chair works well as extra seating or for stacking throws or overnight bags.

Add finishing touches with plenty of scatter cushions, throws, and candles in colors that complement the artwork and furniture – this all sets the scene for a room that can be enjoyed every day or transformed into an oasis for a traveler.

The entertainer

A room that you entertain in should have a sense of space and allow for free movement – as well as being atmospheric enough to provide intimacy. It’s easy to turn your living room into a sophisticated space that’s perfect for entertaining.  

Here’s how:

Move large pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, against the wall to allow your guests to move freely around the room.

Bring in two elegant chairs for a touch of sophistication and separate seating options that allow for easy conversation.

Set up side tables or beech wood tables between the chairs and at the side of the couch to place drinks and snacks – or candles for mood lighting.

Lay down a classic rug to offset your coffee table.

Position a standing lamp in the corner between the chair and sofa to create warm mood lighting.

Bring in extra seating with a versatile folding chair; it doesn’t take up much room, it’s easy to navigate around and light enough to move – or store when not needed.

Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid clutter and to ensure that guests can sit and talk to each other comfortably.

Chill-out spot

Create a special nook to catch up on some reading – or just relax on the sofa and enjoy the view outside and the comfort of being warm inside on a winter’s day.

Here’s how:

Move the sofa to face the window so that you can make the most of the light on a clear day.

A comfy chair (and a footstool or ottoman for a footrest) placed strategically next to the window is the perfect spot for a quiet read. Always have a throw and scatter cushion handy so that you can get really comfortable.

A standing lamp throws out a cozy light – and it’s perfect for reading on a dark winter afternoon or evening.

Two single chairs can be pushed together to create a two-seater sofa, and can be easily pushed apart should you need to.

Keep the side tables on either side of the chairs for books and other décor elements that give life and personality to the room.

A decorative glass-topped coffee table makes the room feel spacious and reflects light into the room – and it’s the perfect surface for your reading material, mugs of steaming hot chocolate and a light snack.
A shaggy rug will add warmth while giving the room a relaxed feel.