How to Identify Crystals and Stones?

Crystals and Stones

Today there exist a lot of beautiful crystals and stones. They all are different, but there is one thing which they have in common. Crystals and stones are created in the heart of our planet, is a great natural gift. Moreover, the quantity of crystals and stones is growing. That is why there appear new types every day. Crystals and stones may be used for different purposes. For instance, a balancing sardonyx bracelet, which is a natural gemstone, will help you to keep calm and balance your emotions.

As there are a lot of types of stones and crystals, there appears another problem of their identification. Keep on reading to get to know some interesting facts about stone identification and learn how to identify crystals and stones.

Crystal Identification by Color

There are several methods on how to identify crystals and stones. However, most of the crystals and stones experts usually identify them by colour. Sometimes, it is rather hard to do that, as different stones and crystals have different structures and chemical compositions. They are the main factors, which influence the color of rocks and crystals.

Besides some crystals may have in their nature several colors. Among them are such crystals like Tourmaline, Calcite, Fluorite and many others. In such a case, crystal identification becomes a real challenge, even for crystals experts. Furthermore, different colors of crystals have various associations. It is worth mentioning that each such glass can be used for another purpose. So, let us consider several types of crystals, paying attention to their colours.

•    The black color is usually associated with mysteriousness, self-confidence, power, darkness, etc. Most popular dark crystals are Black Obsidian, Onyx Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Jet, and some others.

•    Green color brings calmness, relaxed and positive. Using green gemstones, you will have an excellent opportunity to balance your feelings and emotions. Also, greet crystals have a positive effect on your inner feelings, activating and clearing your chakras. Among prevalent green gemstones are Aventurine, Jade, and Malachite. Although the most helpful are considered to be Emerald and Green Fluorite.

•    The pink color is usually used to describe prettiness, charm, love, happiness and many other positive feelings. Furthermore, it would be the right choice to present a beautiful crystal of pink color to your soul mate. Without any doubts, this gemstone will fill your life with love and kindness. The most famous pink crystals are Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Lepidolite, Pink Sapphire and some others.

•    Red stones and crystals are considered to be the personification of passion, anger, power and endless energy. The most popular red gemstones are Ruby, Garnet, Red Beryl, Pezzottaite, Red Diamond, etc.


There exist quite a lot of methods of identifying stones. Although, the most popular and efficient one is to identify stones and crystals by their color.