Comfort and Good Atmosphere in a Bedroom


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A Permanent Base

A built-in cement bed base is perfect for those who don’t like to move furniture around. But before you do build one, you obviously have to ensure that you do so in the right position, else you’ll have to demolish it and start from scratch. Here’s how to build this king-sized bed base: build a frame of two rows of bricks 1.6m (measured from the outside) wide and 1.8m long. The top base, which overhangs by 20cm, consists of 2m-long concrete lintels that rest on the brick base. Complete the project by plastering, skimming and painting in the color of your choice. This base was painted with Earthcote Peinture Texture and the artwork above the bed is from Smart Art.

Classic Cabin

The walls of this wooden house form the perfect headboard – the interior decorator, Tina Muller, painted it white with Plascon Velvaglo. If you love the look of a wooden house but have to make do with brick or cement walls, consider cladding an entire wall with wood. A textured wall such as this also means that you do not need a headboard.

Beach-house Charm

A built-in headboard works well when a bed is placed in a bay window or between two walls. If your storage space is limited you could even consider making a ‘lid’ for the headboard so that you can use it for storage. If built-in cupboards don’t appeal, try using a secondhand armoire for storage and hanging space – it will add loads of character to the room.

Old World Elegance

The bed, with its traditional wooden headboard and footboard, is an heirloom that comes into its own in the old-world atmosphere of this bedroom. The addition of favorite items used in unusual ways create an individual style: an old bookshelf is now a linen shelf; Indian saris form romantic curtains; old suitcases provide extra storage space and a ladder has become a towel rail.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Boho chic allows you to experiment to your heart’s content. Here, for example, a stable door becomes the perfect headboard. If you prefer sleeping close to the floor a futon is ideal, as it’s important to have sufficient airflow for your mattress. Note that a bed on the floor is not ideal for rooms that are damp or do not have proper ventilation. The fairy lights, sandstone cross, and heart help to create an intimate, peaceful atmosphere.

Rural Classic

If your bedroom has doors that lead outside, the most obvious position for your bed is one from which you can best enjoy a view of the garden. Earthy and natural colors such as green work here as they form a link between the interior and exterior. Avoid too much bright light in the bedroom by using a throw to soften the light, as the interior designer did here. This also creates the illusion of a four-poster bed; the rich texture of coarsely woven linen creates an interesting contrast with the metal detail of the bed.

The Cool Mediterranean

The afocal wall in a bright color, such as this one in ‘Wedgewinkle’ (A30-5) from Plascon, is a good alternative to a headboard. Blue evokes water and therefore creates a peaceful atmosphere; it can also help to make a warm bedroom feel cooler. However, if your room is cold or if you prefer warm colors, red – the color of passion and romance -may be the thing for you. An old suitcase has been used as a bedside table along with a book and a storage container.

Contemporary Chic

The bed always forms the focal point in a bedroom, so add to its effect by hanging a large, dramatic artwork above the bed. Black and white is a timeless combination that works extremely well in this contemporary bedroom. Mirrors on the cupboard doors, while functional, also help to make the bedroom appear larger – and the soothing white of the en-suite bathroom links perfectly with the bedroom.

Bedtime Basics

Crisp, quality linen makes the difference – buy the best bedlinen you can afford. Surround yourself with your favorite things such as photos of loved ones, books, music or candles and turn your bedroom into your personal oasis.

Flawless Floors

The calming elegant feel of this bedroom is enhanced by light wooden floorboards. To achieve this look, try painting the floor white with one coat of a deep white and then with a paler shade, then sand it lightly afterward – try a white Polvin from Plascon. For the character, any scratches and dents will add to the beauty of the distressed look. If you prefer something more hardwearing, enamel paint will be more durable and scratch-resistant; try Plascon’s Floor paint.