5 Best Healing Crystals for Men

Crystals for Men

Stones and minerals surround humanity throughout its history. People make from them various talismans and amulets which protect from the negative impact of the world. For example, especially popular nowadays is the obsidian truth bracelet. It is known that this stone possesses some magical properties which help people to channel all the efforts in the right direction and find the right solution to the problems. But the thing is, men and women tend to think and behave differently. Therefore, it is natural that stones will also have different effects on female and male representatives. For this reason, the stones are divided into those that are suitable for men and those that are suitable for women.

What are the best masculine energy stones?

One of the best crystals for men is obsidian. It protects from all negative impact. There are a lot of legends which tell about its magical properties. Stone pushes away bad people from its owner and blocks out negative thoughts. This beautiful crystal is attractive for plenty of jewellers around the world. In most cases, obsidians are black. But it can also be in red, brown, gray and other colors.

Tiger’s eye is also a good crystal for men. A lot of male representatives find it difficult to break out of the routine or change their established habits. The stone will help its owner to look at the situation from the other side and find a creative and correct solution to any problem. Also, the crystal increases willpower and perseverance in achieving your goals. With a tiger’s eye, you will quickly achieve financial well-being.

The best crystal to wear every day is Green tourmaline. It helps to gain self-confidence, inner strength and develops willpower. The crystal has also impact on your physical shape – the muscles grow faster, extra weight goes away and appears energy. Tourmaline increases the potency and sexual libido of men.

Bloodstones is a wonderful crystal for men too. The stone absorbs all the bad emotions and feelings. In addition, the moonstone reveals feelings. This crystal has a connection with the heart chakra and thanks to this it has the ability to attract love and warmth in relationships.

Rose quartz is also an excellent choice for men. It protects from negative energy, both you and your family. The crystal helps to tune in to the wave of love and positive emotions. This stone is associated with the heart chakra, and, consequently, improves blood circulation and stimulates the heart. This talisman improves the relations of its owner with other people, and this applies to friendly, partner, and love relationships.

When buying a stone, be guided by your inner feelings. It may even be an intricate form or not so perfect, but if you like it, take it. In fact, the stone chooses you. And remember, helping yourself, you help others.